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Wasim Akram says on his blog at icc that “International cricket is all about how you prepare. Keep yourself fit, put in the hard work and practice well. That in a nutshell is the mantra for doing well at the highest level. The ICC

Cricket World Cup 2015 will be played in the challenging conditions of Australia and New Zealand, which means it entails double the hard work.

” I am not trying to create any fear, but the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 will be a big challenge for the bowlers, especially those from the sub-continent. ”

he said: Once you attain the needed fitness, that’s half the job done.

Then the bowlers will have to vary their bowling according to the pitches in Australia and New Zealand.

” Since back foot batsmen do well on Australia pitches, try to draw them on the front foot and get the edge. ”

Wasim said We were lucky that when we won the ICC Cricket World Cup in 1992 with a depleted bowling attack, we had a number of part-timers like Ijaz Ahmed and Aamir Sohail to bank on.

Yemen’s Ansarullah movement secures strategic province of Bayda

Yemen’s Ansarullah fighters have secured a key central province in their ongoing operations against the al-Qaeda terrorists.
Military officials said the fighters also known as Houthis took full control of Bayda province. Bayda is the gateway to the country’s south, which remains in the hands of the secessionists. It is also overlooking the strategic oil-rich Ma’arib province to the east. The Shia movement started its operations against militant groups in September. It managed to restore security to the capital first.